March 2016

March, 2016 Vol 33 #1


1. Options for Improving Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency in Ruminants
S.S. Paul*, Y.M. Chanu and A. Dey

2. Influence of Paddy Straw of Different Particle Sizes in the Diet on Nutrient Utilisation and Enteric Methane Emissions in Murrah Buffalo Calves
Lalit Budhani, Madhu Mohini* , Chander Datt and S.S. Thakur

3. Effect of Inclusion of Different Levels of Culled Potatoes in Replacement of Maize Grain in the Concentrate Mixture on Feed Intake, Nutrient Utilization and Growth in Sahiwal Calves
Ph. Suraj Sharma, Chander Datt* , Bhong Nana Baban, S.S. Kundu, Nitin Tyagi and Vijay Kumar Sharma

4. Drinking Water of Different Salinity Levels and Its Effect on Nutrient Use in Murrah Buffalo Calves
Preeti, N. Kewalramani* , Amit Sharma and S.S. Kundu

5. Performance of Karan-Fries Calves as Affected by Supplementation of Rumen Protected Methionine plus Lysine and Choline
Shailesh Sai1 , Mithilesh Chaurasiya2 , S.S. Thakur, N. Kewalramani and Jasmine Kaur*

6. Evaluation of Total Mixed Rations in Terms of Nutrient Utilisation, Methane Production and Gaseous Exchange in Cattle and Buffaloes
S.K. Sinha* , V.B. Chaturvedi, P. Singh, A.K. Verma and Swati Shivani1

7. Effect of Vitamin E Supplementation on Copper and Zinc Levels in Plasma and Arsenic Level in Hair and Hoof of Arsenic Exposed Goats
T.K. Das* , V. Mani, H. Kaur and N. Kewalramaniu

8.Nutritional Value of Mulberry (Morus alba) Forage Harvested During Dry and Wet Seasons in Northern Ethiopia
Assen Ebrahim* , Getachew Animut1 , Mengistu Urge! and Aklilu Hailemichael2

9. Nutritional Evaluation of Total Mixed Rations Supplemented with Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzymes and/or Live Yeast Culture in Buffalo Bulls
P. Ravikanth Reddy, D. Srinivas Kumar, E. Raghava Rao* and K. Ananda Rao

10. Influence of Chromium Propionate Supplementation on Feed Intake, Growth Rate, Haematological and Antioxidant Enzymes Profile in Sahiwal Calves During Summer Season
Suresh Kumar* , S.V. Singh, A.K. Singh, Uttarani Maibam, Beenam and R.C. Upadhyay

11. In Vitro Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation Parameters of Feeds as Affected by Supplementary Amla Powder and Fenugreek Seeds
Dinesh Kumar* , Putan Singh, V.B. Chaturvedi and A.K. Verma

12.Influence of Weed Control Methods on Yield and Quality of Cowpea Fodder
Taramani Yadav, Nisha K. Chopra1 Chander Datt, P.G. Soni, Deepak Kumar Rathore and Sourabh Kumar , N.K. Chopra1 , Rakesh Kumar* , Magan Singh,

13. Effect of Moringa Leaf Meal Supplementation on Haematological and Serum Biochemical Profile of Broiler Chicken
Tijani Lateef, Akanji Adetayo* , Agbalaya Kudirat and Onigemo Murisiku

14. Inclusion of Solvent Extracted Karanj (Pongamia glabra) Cake in the Diet and Production Performance of Layer Chicken
M.V.L.N. Raju* , B. Prakash, B.V.R. Nagarjuna, T. Nischala, S.V. Rama Rao, M.R. Reddy and A.K. Panda

15. Effect of Different Sources of Arsenic on Intake, Utilization of Nutrients and Growth Performance in Guinea Pigs
Ranjan K. Mohanta* , A.K. Garg, R.S. Dass and S.K. Behera

16. Nutritional Evaluation of Pulses and Soybean Meal in Dogs
J.K. Dhaliwal, A.P.S. Sethi* and S.S. Sikka

17. Influence of Probiotics and Acidifier supplementation on Growth, Carcass Characteristics and Economics of Feeding in Broilers
S.K. Rout1 , C.R. Pradhan, Rajashree Rath* , N. Panda2 , B. Panigrahi and P.K. Pati3

18. Proximate, Mineral and Vitamin Contents of Indian Major Carp
B.N. Paul* , S. Chanda, N. Sridhar1 , G.S. Saha2 and S.S. Giri2

19. Blood Macr o and Micr o Mineral Status of Calves During Tr eatment for Industrial Fluor osis with T amarind ( T amarindus indica ) Fruit Pulp
M. Pati, G.S. Parida, K.D. Mandal, A.R. Gupta * , R.K. Swain 1 , S.K. Senapati and R.C. Patra

20. Milk Yield and Composition in Cr ossbr ed Cows as Influenced by Feeding Rumen Protected Protein and Fat
S.H. Mane * , Y .G. Fulpagar e, D.K. Deokar , D.H. Kankhar e and S.A. Adangle