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CONTENTS Ruminants
  1. Effect of Metabolizable Energy and Rumen Undegradable Protein Levels Supplemented With or Without Vitamins on the Performance of Crossbred Cows during Transition Phase
    R.S. Grewal, M. Wadhwa and M.P.S. Bakshi
  2. Effect of Metabolizable Energy and Rumen Undegradable Protein Levels With or Without Vitamin Supplementation on the In-vitro Fermentation of Complete Feeds
    R.S. Grewal, M. Wadhwa and M.P.S. Bakshi
  3. Effect of Including the Leaves of Calligonum polygonides or Acacia tortilis as a component in Grass Based Complete Diet on Gas Production and Rumen Fermentation (in vitro)
    R.C. Jakhmola, Taruna Pahuja, N. Singh and S.K.S. Raghuvansi
  4. Diversity in Dual Purpose Sorghum Hybrids for Nutritional Traits, Methane Production and Energy Value for Animal Production Functions
    Sultan Singh, G.P. Shukla and Deepika Gehrana
  5. Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen, Organic Manure and Planting Time on Yield and Quality of Hybrid Napier
    Anil Kumar Sharma, A.K. Sharma, R.K. Sharma, Rajeev Bharat and P.K. Rai
  6. Growth and Nutrient Utilization in Calves Fed Guar (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba) Meal Replacing Groundnut Cake in Concentrate With and Without Added Sweetener and Flavour
    Ajay Goswami, S.S. Thakur and Amrutkar S.A.
  7. Effect of High Dietary Level of Limestone Powder on Nutrient Utilization and Growth in Crossbred Calves
    S.A. Amrutkar, R.C. Chopra and S.K. Shelke
  8. Influence of Haemonchus contortus Infection on Nutrient Intake and Its Utilization in Kids Fed Different Levels of Nutrition
    A.K. Pathak and S.P. Tiwari
  9. Calcium Oxalate in Napier Bajra Hybrid: Trends
    Gurpreet Kaur, Shiwani Mandhania and Dharam Paul Chaudhary
  10. Effect of Feeding Fungal Zoospores of Orpinomyces joyonii in TMR on Nutrient Utilization and Rumen Fermentation Parameters in Murrah Buffaloes
    Santosh Kumar, J.P. Sehgal, Ishtiyak A. Mir, Pankaj Jha and Vijay Kumar Sharma
  11. Effect of Variation in the Process of Manufacturing and pH on the Hardness of Urea Molasses Mineral Mixture Blocks
    Zile S. Sihag, R.S. Berwal, Nand Kishore and Sajjan Sihag
  12. Macro and Micro-Mineral Status of Feeds and Fodders in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir
    P.A. Reshi, F.A. Mattoo, H.A. Ahmed, A.M. Ganai, S.H.Bhat and Yasir Afzal
  13. Effect of Feeding Oat Silage on the Performance of Growing Buffalo Calves
    A.K. Varma, D. Kar, B.S. Tewatia and M.A. Akbar
  14. Nutritive Evaluation of straws for Available Energy and Forage Quality based on Prediction Equations
    K. Raja Kishore and M. Parthasarathy

    Non Ruminants

  15. Performance of Keystone Golden Layers Maintained on Commercial Diet Supplemented with Probiotics
    Trishna B. Kayastha, Sanjeeb Dutta, Rijusmita Sharma Deka and Vilas N. Pal
  16. Effect of Organic acid Supplementation on the Quality of Feed and Egg and Performance of Laying Ducks
    Sankhanath Koley and Gautam Samanta
  17. Effect of Replacement of Normal Maize with High Quality Maize on the Performance of White Leghorn Female Chicks
    A.K. Panda, G. Lavanya, E. Pradeep Kumar Reddy, S.V. Rama Rao, M.V.L.N. Raju and G. Shyam Sunder
  18. Study on Probiotic Effect of Xylanase Supplementation in Broiler Feed
    N. Bar, S.K. Mukhopadhayay, S. Ganguly, S. Pradhan, N.C. Patra, S. Pal, J. Goswami, Y.D. Singh and S. Halder
  19. Effect of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A on Biochemical Parameters in Broiler Chickens
    J. Verma, B. K. Swain, and T. S. Johri